Stay one step ahead

Monitor your car tyres health on the go!

We understand​ ​you are busy and probably want to save those extra trips to the auto shop to check your tyres or even want ​to not rack your brains figuring out your fuel budget. ​Our revved up SMART Tyre Personal solution is packaged as a box of Tyre Sensors and ​the intuitive Treel Care app. Every tap on the app presents you with real time Tyre pressure metrics and ​gives you bird’s eye view​ of your riding/driving, average fuel consumption​, insurance reminders and much more! ​Thus you can do your part to reduce the carbon foot- print​, without even knowing it!


Our IoT based sensors are attached to your vehicle’s tyres

The information about the pressure and temperature is provided to the TREEL Care app

The information is analyzed and displayed by the app.

The related vehicle engine, fuel and tyre reports are generated and displayed by the app.