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SMART Tyre is an indigenous product from JK Tyre, which provides real time information about the health of the tyres through smart sensors.

State of the art solution

smart tyre pressure

Smart Tyres based on ‘Tyre Pressure Monitoring system’ - An electronic system designed to monitor the air pressure inside the pneumatic tyres on various types of vehicles.

A smarter tyre and vehicle eco-system,
with a reduced number of tyre and brake related accidents.

smart tyre

'Make in India’ technology that redefines global practices and standards.

Technology at your


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Almost 75% Of Tyres On Indian Road Runs With Improper Inflation


Resulting in



Accelerated Tyre Wear

Accelerated Tyre Wear

Low Mileage

Low Mileage

Tyre Bursts

Tyre Bursts


concept This is where the SMART TYRE TECHNOLOGY steps in. Smart tyres provide real time information about the health of the tyres and includes Smart Sensors which enhances the safety and performance of your personal vehicles



Vehicle Location

Detect air-leaks

Tyre Pressure

Engine Diagnosis


Bluetooth Low Energy


Perks of being Smart


Smart tyre technology helps to keep a real-time check on the condition of vehicle’s tyres

Fuel and tyre maintenance costs

Fuel and tyre
maintenance costs

Since Smart Tyre technology helps to maintain tyre health. Healthy tyres tend to reduce fuel consumption and other maintenance requirements of the vehicle. It directly helps to save on vehicle maintenance costs.

Overall Vehicle health

This technology helps to monitor various parameters of tyres that directly or indirectly affect other parts of the vehicle. Thus, healthier tyres lead to a better environment and a smooth driving experience.
Overall Vehicle health
Tyre related breakdowns

Tyre related breakdowns

Helps to resolve tyre breakdown completely by timely provision of information about tyre health.

Tyre and vehicle safety

Smart Tyre Technology is also able to reduce accidents.
Tyre and vehicle safety

Real time
monitoring system

Simultaneously monitor more than 10 vehicles at a time and analyze their readings accurately through a single smartphone

Its able to track vehicle’s accurate fuel consumption, mileage, service sessions and requirements as well as the insurance renewal dates, amongst others.

Share vehicle reports and stats with your friends & family members.

The app can also be used as a stand-alone app, or in conjunction with sensors.

Readings and analysis are provided in a hands-free notification format for ease of use.

All the important information and data is seamlessly stored in the app’s cloud based storage for ease of access and restoration at a later stage.

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FAQs for On The Go

Why install any TPMS at all ?
Vehicle tyres have a lot more importance than one would think – tyres with low pressure drink up more fuel; and can also cause accidents. Plus, overheated tyres can lead to accidents caused by tyre bursts. By installing a device that constantly monitors your tyre temperature and pressure, you ensure maximum safety and savings for you and your family.
Why Smart Tyre ?
Smart Tyre Technology System is a comprehensive Tyre Protection & Maintenance System. Our TPMS not only measures your tyre pressure and temperature, it also alerts you to the smallest pressure leak, while helping you maintain your tyre and vehicle, ensuring maximum performance, safety and savings.
What’s included in The Smart Tyre kit ?
Every car kit includes 5 sensors and bike kit comes with 2 sensors. It also has an instruction manual to download the TREEL CARE app and install the tyres easily. The Connected Car Kit comes with a POD that delivers crucial data anytime, no matter where you are. Also share and keep track on family members for their safety.
Do you have a 4 sensor car kit ?
We have made your safety our numero uno priority. Spare tyres are the most neglected yet the most important wheel for your support when you most require it!
Is it available for all bike and car tyres ?